KCRW Podcast: Hypnotic Induction

As an appendix to the previous episode of KCRW's The Organist where I spoke with producer and artist, Ross Simonini, about my story and hypnotherapy, in this one I offer an experience. This is a hypnotic induction, and with that I must include some caveats. There are many different words for the same things. Often times hypnotic inductions are similar to guided relaxation or meditation. Guided imagery exercises can be similar to self-hypnosis and veer easily into shamanic journeys, Jungian archetypal work, or past life regressions. 

I'm a meditator and this particular induction is intended as guided relaxation. There are many ways to induce and work with trance that are eyes-open, awake, dynamic, and conversational. The central lesson here is that trance is not dependent on relaxation and can happen at any time. Living and working in New York City, I find people appreciate the opportunity to get quiet and be guided back to a native sense of calm. If you're seeking good old-fashioned chilling out, look no further. 

From KCRW's Website:

"If each episode of a podcast is an organ, an essential piece of a larger body, then this is an appendix to that body: a non-essential but still uniquely formed bonus episode. In it you’ll hear a hypnotic induction as performed and scored by the hypnotherapist Daniel Ryan. Ryan was featured on the Organist last week in our episode about the relationship between our bodies, our minds, and sound. One last note— it’s probably best if you stop operating heavy machinery while you’re listening to this podcast."