I had the pleasure of speaking with the terrific and knowledgeable Adam Eason on his podcast, Hypnosis Weekly recently. Adam maintains private practice and leads the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis which he founded in Bournemouth, UK, where he lives. He champions a scientific and evidence-based approach grounded in ethical practice and teaching from all sides which I highly regard and respect. On his blog, Adam has been quite articulate and outspoken on what he sees as the concerns within regression therapy. I agree with him on most - if not all - of his points and personally feel that what are often seen as problems with regression therapy are actually opportunities for a broader possibility space. During our conversation, I talk a lot about my experience with my father, watching him practice in the 90s when regression therapy was less than 20 years old, and in the second half I list out what I feel are the 5 most significant issues for the field to overcome. I'm grateful to Adam and his writing as he has helped me become clearer on what the challenges are put forth to regression therapy. You can listen to our conversation above, and I highly recommend the podcast in general for informed conversations within the field.