Artist,  Fran Rodriguez . 

Artist, Fran Rodriguez

Bowery Cannabis Club Presents: An Exploration of Altered States

  • Friday, March 30th. 7:00-10:00pm. $40. Sign up here 
  • Hosted by the Bowery Cannabis Club and Daniel Ryan CHT CRT
  • Treats by Enjoy Cannabis Desserts

You are invited to join a new kind of conversation about how we interact with Cannabis. We will kick off the evening with mingling and infused snacks, and then explore the borders and influences of our altered states through guided reflection. What are the differences when we enjoy anything with intention versus with a passive attitude? We will be compassionately illuminating the lessons of these experiences and integrating them into our knowledge through a guided experience combining meditation with hypnotherapy.

Attendees will be encouraged to share and reflect on their most potent and positive experiences with Cannabis, what made it so, and why. We’ll talk about the simple and essential nature of “set and setting” (our mindset and the setting we are in during an event or happening) and how to carry this new awareness with us and make it a practice while honoring ourselves, the plant, and the moment equally.

...the desire to alter consciousness periodically is an innate, normal drive analogous to hunger or the sexual drive. Note that I do not say "desire to alter consciousness by means of chemical agents." Drugs are merely one means of satisfying this drive; there are many others…

-Andrew Weil

Woom Center

Woom Center

Past Life Meditations Through Voice and Sound 

Explore past life regression through a modern lens with hypnotherapist and thought leader, Daniel Ryan. Integrating current neuroscience with the methods and philosophies of the pioneers within the field, experience a journey through your mind unlike any other, guided by voice and sound to places both strange and familiar. 

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

Refresh your mindset after the Spring Equinox, to break through that winter cycle of rigidity. Join us and meditation guide, Daniel Ryan, on Monday, 3/26 at 6pm, for the next opportunity to help yourself step out of the old wheel of rush and anxiety that’s so easy to be caught up in. Space is limited, DM or email us to RSVP!

$10 ear seed and $20 Swarovski Crystal ear seed treatments to compliment the meditation.

"... it had always seemed to me possible that, through hypnosis, for example, or autohypnosis, by means of systematic meditation, or else by taking the appropriate drug, I might so change my ordinary mode of consciousness as to be able to know, from the inside, what the visionary, the medium, the mystic were talking about."

-Aldous Huxley

Trance Writing.jpg

Trance Writing: Volume 3

The story we're telling ourselves is our dominant narrative, and the most powerful hypnotist at any given moment is the voice in our heads. Writer's Block, for instance, is a kind of self-defeating, self-perpetuating, state-inducing story about what's not happening that can have in it traces of procrastination, anxiety, laziness, shame, and other corrosive agents. With the writers I work with we'll usually use past life regression early on because past lifetimes or not, the exercise ignites the story-telling machine in our psyche and generates potent living metaphors.

FOR ATTENDEES: Please bring with you one or more of the following.

  • A project or idea currently in development to work with is suggested, but not mandatory. Those looking to discover new ideas will also find benefit.

  • A notebook, pencil, pen, laptop, tablet, quill, ink, scroll, or other writing instrument of your preference.

  • Questions about creativity, its definitions, boundaries, sources, and pollutants.

Meditation, Hypnosis, & Past Life Regression

  • Tuesday, April 24. 7pm-9pm, $40 
  • Maha Rose in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 97 Green St.

Meditation is like a glass of water; refreshing, simple, and in the moment. Hypnosis is like a swimming pool. We can go into the deep end, be submerged, or stay near the surface. And past life regression is like an ocean. It's seemingly infinite in scale and depth - filled with mystery and revelation. Each of these three experiences is vastly different, yet mechanically each one is strikingly similar. Often times they are compared and considered together, others they seem worlds apart. What are the similarities and differences between them? What impact does intention have on the experience? What effect does the environment have? 

During this event, each modality will be experienced and explored. Beginning with meditation, moving through hypnosis, and ending with a past life regression - we’ll examine together precisely what separates and connects them, why they still remain so bewildering to so many, and how they offer unique benefits.