New Website

I understand when someone has an averse reaction to technology and usually applaud those friends and acquaintances who have chosen to simply live without smart phones and social media. It can feel like going against nature - moving against the trends of one's time. Often when I'm feeling introverted, looking at social media can feel pushy and invasive to me. Other times, I love it and ride the wave of pleasure and fun posting pictures of my dog or some random adventure. It's all a nice distraction, from a certain point of view. 

Another point of view as a small-business owner would be that to not engage with the tools available to me would be somewhere on a spectrum of silly to stupid. It would be cannibalistic to my own potential for growth, if it was done without purpose...

I've had websites up for my practice since i began in 2011. I haven't always updated them regularly. This one is new however. Its purpose is new too. This is a foundation. The previous ones were intended to present a picture and now those old photos feel like they are all collected here. I feel like I've cleaned my home or organized my cabinets. Things in rows and right angles. The kerning that occurs internally.