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Daniel Ryan, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Regression Therapy, and Past Life Regression
After a friend shared a profound experience he had working with Dan, I went to see him as a client. I was amazed at Dan’s ability to help me work through things in one or two sessions that would have otherwise taken me years. Aside from the speed at which Dan was able to add value to my life, I also appreciated that he didn’t try to keep me as a client forever (quite the contrary actually) and clearly had my best interests in mind. 

Months later I had an idea for what is now Expectful - a platform that makes it easy for hopeful, pregnant, and new moms to meditate. I reached out to Dan to see if he could help create world class meditation scripts, and he partnered with a colleague of his (a new mom) to do just that. Today our users rave about the quality of the meditations we produce, and Dan’s work is a massive part of the reason why. 

Dan has also brought amazing people into my life through his personal and professional networks, one of whom is now an irreplaceable member of Expectful’s team. 

These words can’t accurately express how grateful I am for this man, but hopefully you get a sense of what an amazing human being he is. If you have a challenge you’re trying to breakthrough or you’re seeking to transform an area of your life, Dan is the best guy I know to help.
— Founder and CEO of Expectful, Mark Krassner

 Expectful is meditation for pregnant and new moms. Now available in the App Store on IOS. 

Expectful is meditation for pregnant and new moms. Now available in the App Store on IOS. 


Since the inception of the company, Daniel has had the pleasure of working with CEO and Founder, Mark Krassner, and the incredible community at Expectful. As Director of Meditation Content, with his partner - Charyl Devoe-Nietfeld - he co-designed the language and wrote the scripts that would become the listener's experience; beautifully brought to life by Biet Simkin. The collaboration amongst this team has been one of the great joys of Daniel's career.  It continues to be an honor to work beside the great moms that make Expectful the compassionate and courageous company that it is.


 Designed by Orlando Lopez

Designed by Orlando Lopez

Mindset: A McCann Health Initiative

Mindset is a corporate wellness initiative created, designed, and lead by Daniel Ryan and Charyl Devoe-Nietfeld. The pilot launched with McCann Managed Markets in 2015 yielding phenomenal results and a desire for more time and interaction. Working with leadership at McCann, Dan and Charyl developed a comprehensive system to accommodate their people at every level so they could work smarter, relax more authentically, and develop a sustainable culture of shared employee satisfaction. Based on their combined decades of experience, training, and research, Dan and Charyl continue to innovate making Mindset one of the most creative offerings available amongst mindfulness programs for businesses.

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 Designed by Dailey Crafton and Lockstep Studios

Designed by Dailey Crafton and Lockstep Studios

#M4C: Mindfulness for Creatives

Founded in 2016 with Annika Howe, Mindfulness for Creatives is a monthly meeting of inspired minds. We engage New York City's diverse and dynamic creative community to get together, meditate, and connect. Through discussion and practical exercises, we explore how we relax, drive success, work smart, and play hard in the greatest city in the world. Driven by community, creative awakening, and a desire to help groups and individuals discover something new and different, we seek to provide clarity to the mysteries looming in our modern information-driven minds and return to a balanced sense of wholeness. 

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The Human Tech Meetup

An Interrupt initiative in collaboration with CEO of the New York Tech Alliance, Jessica Lawrence-Quinn, and executive coach, Karin Bellantoni. The Human Tech Meetup is an event series and learning platform devoted to helping companies divest shareholder value from shared employee wellness. We're putting the humanity back into the tech industry starting with the tech community of NYC. 


 Designed by Dailey Crafton and Lockstep Studios

Designed by Dailey Crafton and Lockstep Studios


Interrupt is devoted to human-first thinking for the workplace.  Founded in 2015 with Andrew Kippen, Interrupt offers destination trainings, workshops, learning labs, and customized experiences for entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals. While helping people and organizations become more mindful, we cultivate new and dynamic strategies for building a culture of shared employee wellness.

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Collective Unconscious

Five independent filmmakers interpret each other’s dreams in “Collective:Unconscious,” an omnibus feature whose intriguing premise bears fruit in a diverting, diverse array of idiosyncratic miniatures. Variety called the film "a successful experiment" and SXSW premiered the film to an unexpected level of attention and praise. Executive Producer, Dan Schoenbrun, explained the premise to me and I was instantly intrigued. During shooting, I offered 20 minute on-camera sessions of hypnotherapy to each of the filmmakers. Only a couple minutes of this footage was necessary for the final cut, but in what we shot and left on the cutting room floor I remember a beautiful short film of each director's openness, goodness, and vulnerability.

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Poster design by Dailey Crafton and Lockstep Studios. 

Tools of the Mind for Designers

After years of developing techniques and methods for visual artists, this learning lab offered in the Spring of 2014 at the Shillington School of Design in Manhattan was an early exploration. In collaboration with graphic designer and anarchic firebrand, Dailey Crafton, we were interested in bringing an expansive, perhaps even psychedelic, experience to his students without need of substances. Through breathwork and curated techniques based in the metaphors found in past life regression, we dove into the visual ocean of the subconscious mind and returned to the surface having found buried treasure. This experience  became the foundation of #M4C.



Joanna lead the class as I offered meditation, hypnosis, and past life regression to the actors as tools, exercises, and support. 

Master Class Acting Workshop

Meditation, Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression for actors. Meditation is known to relieve stress, increase relaxation, and promote states of flow. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are known to enhance performance and aid in memorization, also benefitting improvisation. Past Life Regression accesses a kind of storytelling machine in the subconscious mind. The narratives that are unlocked are instantly familiar and strange, deeply immersive, dramatic and emotional. Offered over the course of 2014 and 2015, I had the pleasure of teaching beside the wise and wondrous, Tony-winning actress, Joanna Gleason. 



Poster designed by Dailey Crafton and Lockstep Studios.

Tools of the Mind for Designers V2

Going deeper into guided techniques and imagination games as creative tools, this weekend workshop offered over the course of 2015 had attendees evaluating their unconscious beliefs about themselves as artists, confidence (or lack thereof) in their minds as instruments, and practices when working. Students were asked to bring in a project, either personal or professional, and drive it towards completion over the course of the weekend while tracking progress and optimizing workflow. The show of work on Sunday was transformational. It's incredible what can be done in a weekend - it's just a matter of doing it.



Rediscovering Past Life Regression:

Healing Across Lifetimes

In collaboration with Evolver Learning Lab, I was honored to host five of my favorite minds for a six-week series on contemporary points of view on Past Life Regression. Discussing hypnosis with award-winning author and founder of the Center for Integrative Hypnosis, Melissa Tiers - Sacred symbology and spiritual design with artist, musician, and designer, Sadek Bazaraa - Regression Therapy and Inner Child Work with pioneer and thought leader, Patricia Caetano - Sound as generative force of the universe with speaker, guide, and modern mystical physician, Alexandre Tannous - Buddhism and Eastern systems of the afterlife with teacher of philosophy and meditation, Hector Marcel... The series culminated with a session lead by me. A talk on my points of view, my methods, and a practical experience. The series was offered online in March of 2016 and can still be downloaded here.



An early iteration #M4C offered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Guided Meditation for Designers

This community meditation was held on Wednesday mornings in the backyard of Lockstep Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, throughout portions of 2014 and 2015.  Lockstep offers gorgeous graphic design to businesses big and small. The husband and wife team of Dailey and Cindy are legendary for their hospitality. A group of friends would gather to discuss philosophy, the meaning and purpose of design, and share a little good company before going to work. You would have liked it.

To say that Daniel Ryan is helping people would be an understatement. He’s not only helping, he’s healing and maybe even most importantly he’s guiding people towards a place where they can take the lead and start helping themselves.
— Writer, Community Lead for Expectful, Anna Gannon